The Problem with Common Sense

My interpretation of the authors definition of common sense is that common sense is the lump sum of common everyday experiences and required knowledge for that community to continue to exist i think this understanding of common sense is due to the nature of the idea of meals where the 3 meal system in western culture is replaced by the nepali system of the two meals with a tea time and what you eat during these meals are all part of common sense aspect of daily life


It important to pay attention to common sense as it demonstrates the values which and common experiences of a society. We often find think of common sense as being universal and that due to its nature we assume that the general common sense of our local area is a universally known fact or tied to our whole nation this however holds true for some experiences such as in Rural Saskatchewan the versatility of baler twine in fixing near any problem. Parts of common sense can be geographically dependent or dependent on the political unit. the Distribution in which the ideas which people find to be commonsensical can differ wildly in as short of a distance as the inner city or the outskirts the knowledge which is required to live can differ wildly such knowing how to drive a car a skill needed in the outskirts of major cities compared to its futility in the interior of major urban centers.  the authors found these principles to be true during his time in Nepal where common sense of education differs from north american ideals and common sense of education. In Nepal traditional aspect of education outlined studying and exams with practice test from a textbook. I found the authors experiences with education extremely eye opening because often i forget that educational experiences are not always the same and that the common sense information which i learned in my school will not always be what my peers and in the future my students have experienced. As such the expectations as a teacher will be different and will require me to adapt new expectation placed upon me