My view of education and the development of curriculum A Rant on politics in Education

I draw upon my prior understanding of politics and history and of course how the education system currently works. Just like any other inherently political act. education is subject to disagreement but the ideas which the systems which govern the education systems take much longer to change like water running over rock it will be shaped and can be shaped an incredible amount but the process of change is slow and in the case of education and other sections of government this is slow to change due to self perpetuating bureaucracy which without reform from outside sources such as political pressure or pressure from teachers and students on the system it is slow to change and will resistance change the bureaucracy which are fundamental to the process of government and smooth transition of power are staffed by bureaucrats and experts in their respective field in the case of education teachers and other education who no longer serve students by teaching and are instead relegated to working on policy and its implementation however to the bureaucratic nature of the ministry and the bureaucrats which staff them the policy and the path and the progress is made on this path is often unchanged even when a government who more or less disagrees with the path beginning taken but how does the bureaucratic nature of the ministry of government affect the development of curriculum . it effects the nature of the developed curriculum as an incoming government will not scrap the in development curriculum but work to change the ideas and principles of new works instead as a better use of resources and easier to influence this is interesting as it demonstrates the way systemic racism survives as a ministry can be full of those who are not racist and governed by those whose mission is to eliminate but without serious examination and the courage to destroy harmful practices within a ministry and willingness to reform and rebuild these ministries i often think of it as a house if the foundation is damaged the is little you can do to repair it and it might be more cost effective to tear it down and rebuild however in this analogy we must remember we are talking about the lives of people and the thoughts of how are systems functions must be constantly re examined to catch and prevent abuse within these systems i have tried to be mindful of the political nature of education and to hold systems which continue to perpetuate systems of abuse accountable so the perspective from this week’s reading was not surprising because like mike says


“Education is an inherently political act”


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